Knowing that I have a world-renowned homeopath/MD/acupuncturist who has my records and knows my basic physical composition available by email gives me enormous peace of mind. On those rare occasions when I begin to show symptoms of illness, the first thing I think to do is send an email with my symptoms (of mind, body, spirit) to Dr. Mathai for review. Many have been sick for as long as two or more months."




  • Retrospective observational study on 2500 cases of respiratory diseases
    • This study was aimed to do a retrospective analysis on 2500 cases of respiratory diseases that have been treated over the past 10 years at our clinic, Dr. Mathai’s Holistic Homeopathy Clinic, Richmond Circle, Bangalore, to understand the efficacy of homeopathic remedies in treatment and management of respiratory conditions and also to identify a group of remedies that have been most useful in treating respiratory conditions including allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis etc.

  • To understand the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine in treating and managing allergies and asthma using Spirometry as a tool for evaluation
    • This is a 2-day study conducted at Dr. Mathai’s Holistic Homeopathy Clinic, Centre Of Excellence for Respiratory Diseases Clinic. The patients were selected randomly. On day 1, following the case evaluation and the investigations of CBC, ESR, AEC, pulse oximetry & Chest x-ray the patient underwent Spirometry study with homeopathic bronchodilator selected from the 7 homeopathic bronchodilators selected by the research team. On day 2, the patient was evaluated again and underwent Spirometry study with asthalin as a bronchodilator.

  • Improving Immunity in school going children through Homeopathy
    • The objective of this study is to see the role of homeopathic medicines in prevention of acute respiratory infections (common cold, cough, and influenza) in children of school going age.

  • A randomized controlled trial of Homeopathic remedies in the treatment of Alcohol Dependence in collaboration with National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences
    • National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences is a multidisciplinary Institute for patient care and academic pursuit in the frontier area of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences. NIMHANS is a multidisciplinary academic, research and health care institute in Brain - Mind - Behavior axis in India. The priority gradiant adopted at the Institute is service, manpower development and research. Multidisciplinary integrated approach is the mainstay of this institute, paving the way to translate the results from the bench to the bedside.

      There are homeopathic remedies that have been mentioned in the Materia Medica which help in alcohol dependence and also proved by clinical practice. Our aim was to investigate the efficacy of homeopathic remedies in the treatment of persons with alcohols dependence. The objective was to study the effect of specific homeopathic remedies Quercus Glandium Spiritus Q and Avena Sativa Q along with constitutional homeopathic remedies in subjects receiving treatment as usually for alcohol dependence and to compare them with age and sex matched controls receiving only treatment as usual for alcohol dependence. We are also giving counseling for the people who are taking homeopathic medicine at the deaddiction centre of NIMHANS.

  • An observational study in Bronchial Asthma using Homeopathy & Auxiliary methods in collaboration with CIPLA’s Chest Research Foundation of India, Pune.
    • CIPLA’s Chest Research Foundation conducts research on respiratory diseases, with emphasis on airways diseases, and organizes update programmes for doctors and education programmes for the community. They work with corporate, educational and research institutions in India and other countries, to improve understanding of the disease process, its diagnosis and its management.

      The aim is to make an observational study in Bronchial Asthma using Homeopathic medicines and auxiliary methods. The objective of the study is to understand effective role of homeopathy in Bronchial asthma, to identify a group of most useful homeopathic medicines as a bronchodilator in management of bronchial asthma and also to study the effectiveness of auxiliary methodology in the management of bronchial asthma.