Knowing that I have a world-renowned homeopath/MD/acupuncturist who has my records and knows my basic physical composition available by email gives me enormous peace of mind. On those rare occasions when I begin to show symptoms of illness, the first thing I think to do is send an email with my symptoms (of mind, body, spirit) to Dr. Mathai for review. Many have been sick for as long as two or more months."




Homeopathy :
  • Homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine where each person will get an individualistic approach in treating their medical condition.
  • In treating an illness, it takes into account the unique emotional and physical traits of the individual concerned. In this treatment, remedy is chosen to match the symptoms as closely as possible, so that each person may gets an individualistic treatment.
  • Homeopathic remedies work by helping the body's defense system to help itself. Anything that prevents normal functioning of the body e.g. poor diet, lack of exercise, emotional upsets or emotional turmoil, environmental stresses etc have to be addressed along with the homeopathic medicines.
  • Homeopathy takes into account more than the physical symptoms of an illness. It emphasizes prevention and the involvement of individual in their own cure.
  • In Homeopathy, we believe that a person has a predisposition in his constitution which makes him susceptible to certain disease condition.
  • Homeopathy addresses the root cause of the problem and so the cure is a complete cure.


How Homeopathic medicine works :
  • Homeopathic remedies help to hasten recovery by stimulating the vital force.
  • The remedies energize the vital force to get rid of cause of disease, helping the body to return to its healthy state.
  • To ensure that vital force responds in most effective manner, homeopaths must choose a remedy that accurately matches the symptom picture. Pin pointing the strengths and weaknesses of an individual enables a homeopath to prescribe the best remedy and to which potency is suitable.
  • Although genetic disposition play a role in determining disease, the way in which we live can also prevent, cause or aggravate illness. For this reason, a person's character, stress levels, lifestyle, level of exercise, diet, food preferences, family medical history, general factors such as effect of weather etc are taken into consideration.
  • A person's emotional negative attitude to life limits emotional well- being and causes stress which strains vital force.
  • The smaller the load on the body and mind, the more likely it is that a homeopathic remedy will work and longer its effect will last. It raises the immunity of people.
  • Homeopathic remedies are prepared from plant, animal and mineral extracts by potentising scientifically in such a way that the essence of the remedy and its dynamic nature is preserved.
  • The more dilute the remedies are, the more effectively they work.
  • It can be used as a preventive treatment for almost all communicable diseases like dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, Cholera. Flu, Chikungunya, conjunctivitis etc to name a few.
  • In case of epidemics like cholera or dengue fever, after close evaluation of a few cases with same symptoms a remedy is selected as "Genus Epidemicus" and used to treat the patients. It can be used as a preventive in that type of cases.
  • Homeopathy deals with complete person such that it includes his thought process, feeling, emotions etc. There are well established effective medications for psychiatric conditions as well .Chronic mental diseases like schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorders, and emotional problems like suicidal tendencies, depression, Anxieties, addiction to drugs, alcohol can be radically modified by correct homeopathic treatment.
  • Whatever is the condition or disease the homeopath concentrates on complete cure where all aspects- mental, emotional, physical are taken into account. This way the root cause is addressed and cure is complete.




Constitutional Homeopathic treatment :

Over years of practice, a Homeopath arrives at the remedy with his knowledge. Classical constitutional homeopathy refers to the treatment of a person as a whole, including past, present symptoms and family history. The person goes through a detailed case study after which the totality of symptoms is arrived. Then a process of Repertorization is done which is interlinked with various aspects of Principles of Organon. The end result is a constitutional remedy for that particular case. This remedy has to be further studied and later has to be followed with remedies depending on the constitution.

The personality trait in Homeopathy is looked at miasmatically. For example- a bilious natured person will have a sluggish liver. This does not mean there is a major liver problem but that the liver is weak.

When accurately implemented, Homeopathic constitutional care can elicit a profound healing response. It can be extremely effective in treating chronic and long-term health problems. It is often regarded as the homeopath's best tool to prescribe the right homeopathic medications. As traditionally developed, homeopathy is a holistic art that looks at the symptom picture of a person, including psychological, emotional, physical, and hereditary information for the individual. It attempts to address the constitution.

In other words it aims to treat the whole person. It is the type of homeopathy taught by its founder Dr. Hahnemann who claimed that at any given time only one remedy should be given to the patient, the one that has the greatest similarity to his disease.

It is a system of health care using natural remedies to help people with their problems - both physical and emotional. It gets to the root of your problems, and doesn't just cover them up. It strengthens your body's defense system, helping you to eliminate many health problems, and increasing your well being and happiness.




Homeopathic treatment in acute conditions :

There has been lot of misconceptions and myths regarding Homeopathy in acute conditions. Amazingly, the response to one dose of medicine in any acute conditions like a diarrhea or fever is fantastic. Similarly, the Homeopathic medicine effect in an acute phase with the anti-bacterial properties clears the infection completely and also doesn’t produce any uncomfortable feeling especially with regard to digestion. The patient not only recovers fast but also doesn’t get susceptible to infections which are round the corner. It is important for a Homeopathic Physician to know when and where the acute medicines can be best employed. Homeopathic treatment will stimulate a healing reaction, encouraging the body to fight off an infection.

Remedy selection involves choosing a medicine, which is similar in expression to the individual. Medicines, just like people, have their own unique expressions. No two are alike. In homeopathy, there are thousands of different remedies. Selecting a remedy, which matches the portrait, involves a thorough understanding of the expression of health. People express themselves in certain patterns or themes.