Knowing that I have a world-renowned homeopath/MD/acupuncturist who has my records and knows my basic physical composition available by email gives me enormous peace of mind. On those rare occasions when I begin to show symptoms of illness, the first thing I think to do is send an email with my symptoms (of mind, body, spirit) to Dr. Mathai for review. Many have been sick for as long as two or more months."



Phone & Email Consultation

Phone consultations,Bangalore, India

This is the age of telemedicine where telecommunication and information technologies are used for health care. This service helps in eliminating distance barriers and can improve access to medical consultation in far away places.

At Dr Mathai’s Holistic Homeopathy Clinic, since 25 years we have been providing phone consultations in Bangalore, India and also to patients from around the World. By tele-consultation we are able to solve acute conditions are able to suggest medicines to patients and help them resolve their health issues.

In chronic conditions we do consultation via a questionnaire which the patients fill up and send to us. This is followed by telephonic consultation and the medicines are prescribed and sent to the patients. Following this whenever the patient chooses to come for a personal consultation, the patient is able to describe in detail how the medicines have helped her and we follow up the case further.

We had a case of a lady patient from Ahmedabad who came for personal consultation after 3 months of initial telephonic consultation and could relate to us immediately.

Similarly, a patient who had severe throat inflammation had consulted via phone and our acute medicine had helped her so much and she was relieved of her complaint. She wrote a thank you note to us following this.



Email consultation, Bangalore,India

Emails have bought us closer than before and we are able to get to a person in a matter or a second

At Bangalore Holistic Medical Centre, we have facility of email consultation and have been treating patients from across the world using this technology for many years.

We have a special evaluation questionnaire which we sent to the patients who wish to have email consultation with us. The patient needs to fill the questionnaire with as much details as possible and send it back to us.

Following this a telephonic consultation is fixed where the patient can have a personal conversation with the doctor. The medicines are dispatched following the telephonic consultation.

The follow up is planned regularly and the patient is advised to write a detailed email once he or she finished the course of medicine prescribed. The patient are also advised to send their lab reports and photographs for evaluation via email and this helps the physician to assess the patient and the complaint thoroughly.

The email ID for email consultation is medical@soukya.com

The cost of email consultation can vary from Rs 2700 to Rs 5000 based on the case. This includes charges of one month medicine as well.