Knowing that I have a world-renowned homeopath/MD/acupuncturist who has my records and knows my basic physical composition available by email gives me enormous peace of mind. On those rare occasions when I begin to show symptoms of illness, the first thing I think to do is send an email with my symptoms (of mind, body, spirit) to Dr. Mathai for review. Many have been sick for as long as two or more months."









About Us

Dr. Mathai’s Holistic Homeopathy Clinic, a unit of SOUKYA Group of Institutions, is a trusted name in homeopathic treatment in India and abroad. The practice of Homeopathy dates back to five decades and ranges from rural, tribal, metro cities to international practice. Founded 50 years ago by Dr Annamma Mathai and followed by her son, world renowned holistic practitioner, Dr. Issac Mathai, Holistic Homeopathy has treated patients from over 70 countries.

Our Team

Dr.Annamma Mathai

Annamma Mathai has been practicing Homeopathy in Tribal areas of Wayanad since 50 years. She has a unique experience of treating very chronic and complicated cases as she was the only medical care provider available in that area. She has had excellent results in treatments of Respiratory Diseases, Acute food poisoning, Infections and was successful in infertility cases amongst all other conditions.




We operate a network of clinics in Bangalore, USA (New York and Washington DC), London, where personal consultations are conducted on prior appointment. We offer long-distance consultation through email and telephone. Holistic Homeopathy Clinic has a well-established system of dispatching medicines to patients in different parts of the world. In case of an emergency, we offer local alternatives for purchasing medicine.

A team of Doctors handle the out-patient and in-patient facility at our clinics. The treatment is based on a detailed case study and a total health evaluation done by the homeopathic physician. This helps a wide spectrum of individuals, from newborns to the elderly, in both acute and chronic disease conditions. Homeopathy is particularly effective in allergic respiratory conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, early cancer and AIDS. Counseling, nutrition and dietary advice and breathing techniques form part of the treatment.


Our Practice Guidelines :
  • We follow strict and time-tested guidelines in the diagnosis and treatment of a host of diseases and conditions.
  • Our specialty is the deep knowledge and experience we have in the field of homeopathy.
  • The root cause of a problem is identified, analyzed and discussed, before any medicine is prescribed.
  • We pay utmost attention to each individual’s condition by going deep into each case and treating accordingly.
  • Homoeopathy believes in taking a humanistic approach to treating ailments and we continue that legacy.
  • We honor ancient wisdom and have further strengthened it with our years of work.
  • Our strength is the rapport that our doctors enjoy with the patient, which is indeed the key to a complete, holistic cure.


Our Vision :
  • We envisage a healthy future where ill health is on the decline and healthy lifestyle is on the upswing. The ideal healthcare system is one where treatment is simplified and complete. We are contributing towards a holistic healthcare system through homeopathy that heals gently, permanently and from within.


Facilities :
  • Swift dispatch of medicines all over the world.
  • Immediate help for acute conditions.
  • A detailed evaluation done where root cause of problem is identified, analyzed, discussed and later medicines given.
  • Tele-consultation, on-line consultation available
  • Information about purchasing medicines locally on emergencies available.
  • Personal consultation available at Bangalore, USA, London with prior appointments.
  • Medical kits available: Home kit, Travel kit, Pregnancy kit, Pediatric kit, Extended home kit.