Knowing that I have a world-renowned homeopath/MD/acupuncturist who has my records and knows my basic physical composition available by email gives me enormous peace of mind. On those rare occasions when I begin to show symptoms of illness, the first thing I think to do is send an email with my symptoms (of mind, body, spirit) to Dr. Mathai for review. Many have been sick for as long as two or more months."



International Clinics


Dr Issac Mathai MD (Hom), MRCH (Lond) hails from a family with tradition of Homeopathic practice spanning four decades. He took his M.D. (Homeopathy) from the Hahnemann Post-Graduate Institute of Homeopathy, London. Following this he took his M.R.C.H. (London) and joined as a physician at Europe's first and largest holistic health care clinic for over 10 years. He also participated in the Mind-Body Medicine training programme at the Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, MA in the USA.

Dr Mathai has a patient network of more than 10,000 from 70 countries around the world. Dr Mathai visits the USA and London twice a year.

Personal consultations are available at the following places

Places Contact person
New York, USA Ms.Susan Thompson
Washington DC, USA

Carolyn Nelka

London, UK Ms Mary


Person who are wishing for consultation with Dr Mathai can write to info@soukya.com and medical@soukya.com . They will be directed to the concerned persons for appointment.
Follow up is planned by emails. The email can be sent to drmathai@soukya.com and medical@soukya.com. We will be getting back to the person in 24 hours.
At times when Dr Mathai is not traveling, we start with an email consultation and the patient can meet Dr Mathai during his next visit.
Email ID for sending your queries is info@soukya.com and medical@soukya.com